You are under my spell!


My name is Qvist [kvist] – which in Norwegian means twig.

I am nothing like a twig in resemblance, though, as I have almost reached 10 kg at the age of 1! I have long since outgrown my 2-year-old neighbor (cat) Jenny! With whom I have become bffs! 😉

I am a Maine Coon boy born 05/17/17. I live in Norway with my two tiny two-legged siblings, pawpy and meowmy! Meowmy helps me write this blog – as I have yet to grow opposable thumbs…

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I also have an instagram account – username @king_qvist – that is updated on a daily basis – that I suggest you follow! ❤


Hi! How you doin? 😉




Prints forever in your ❤