The life of Qvist


This is me

I moved in with my slaves in the middle of august this year (2017), so by now I have spent a whole two and a half weeks with my slaves!
Humom decided early on that I had to have my own Instagram account – I guess she knew that I was bound to be something great. As are all cats! And I meowed to her that a blog wouldn´t be too inconvenient either…

This blog will be about my life – my experiences and adventures. And I will do my best to keep all my readers up to date at least once a week – all though a cat´s life is mostly about eating and sleeping, but – oh – how well we do that! Not to mention, there isn´t anything cuter than a furry fella getting a little shuteye!

The first two weeks living with my fabulous new family have brought on many new experiences. I have learnt to walk on a leash – more or less… (humom wants to teach me how to heal, but we´ll see about that… 😉 ) The first few trips out my humom brought me just outside the house. But we have also ventured a bit further and walked some lokal forest paths discovering that leaves blowing in the wind are a bit scary – but nothing to fear. I have tried to paw-shake a bumble bee – ouch! – and I have met some immensely large creatures called cows…

IMG_5964I love to climb trees – the perfect one is yet to be discovered. Today I climbed at least 10 different trees without finding the perfect fit…



IMG_6081In the safety of the backpack I found the beasts terrifying – they kept their distance due to my fierce stare!


IMG_5938I usually prefer sleeping glued to humom´s side, but once in a while she needs a furry, warm blanket. She´s lucky I´m here to keep her warm when winter comes… (at least that what the tv says nowadays…)

Have a good night and a pawesome week!

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