Monday Blues


The start of another week and humom is finally back home. None of the other family members felt the urge to take me on a walk yesterday, so today I was hoping to be able to stretch my legs a bit…

Unfortunately, there was something called “rain” – humom whispered to me today. She needed to rest and I followed her example and went to play king of the sill and watch the rain fall. Not that a little rain has harmed anyone before… but I thought it was safest to inspect it from behind the glass and observe all the odd movements outside. So different from a sunny day. The birds were nowhere to be seen and the bugs I´ve been chasing both outside the window – and inside – also had gone into hiding…



I was so happy when humom came home yesterday. I spent the evening/ night lying beside her on the couch, and she said I was a good, calm and cuddly boy – although I
didn´t want to lie in her lap.

My plans for the week will be as follows I guess:
– a few trips to the forest
– a visit to the vet (humom says it´s time for my vaccine)
– kill Schnappi (das kleine Krokodil)
– play with the spiders popping up all around the house (but I don´t want to eat them –
I´ll just smash them and leave them as cute little presents for my folks to find!)


Have a great week everypawdy!



Schnappi needs to be disciplined – often – but he has more than 9 lives. 

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