The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Short of a week ago I was challenged by an instagram furriend to portray myself in four glorious pictures. (thank you @albus_dumblepaws)

So, this is really who I am:



How People see me:
They see me as a cute fella, with big fluffy ears and long, stalky legs – and they seem to go on cuteness overload when I present myself accordingly.

How Mum sees me:
She sees me as a handsome street cat, with the ability to both dance and sing (I guess) . And I bet if she had been a cat herself she would have chased me down immediately…

How I see myself:
I see myself as an explorer – always trying to figure out how to get on top of things (both literally and figuratively speaking). I love to explore and discover new scents, hunt insects – and of course my very own Schnappi!

How I really am:
I am a furry rascal – but a good one. Not the very cuddly type – all though mum tries to convince me other wise…

🐾 Mum mentioned something about going to the vets today for my vaccine. I hope she´s stacked up on treats now! 🐾

I´ll meow more about that when I know how it was.

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