A visit to the vet

It has been a quiet week, and I have been more at home than out venturing. But Wednesday was an interesting day still… I had my longest road trip so far, and with a final destination a bit more painful than that of a nice walk on pawlesent forest paths…
Meowmy has also upgraded my harness to a more comfortable one – though this one is a bit on the larger side, but the vet says I´ll grow into it in no time.


So… on my 16 week birthday it was time for a visit to the vet to get a health examination and my final kitten vaccination. Meowmy didn´t tell me where we were going when she put my travel cage beside the front door, but I assumed that we were going for a longer stretch – somewhere in a fancy forest… so I rushed into the cage, only to be lured back outside to have my harness slipped on. I thought I´d let meowmy do that in order to please her. She insisted on taking many pictures of me before she finally – after some impatient meows – picked up my cage and placed me in the back of the car. (I didn´t think any of those pictures portrayed my best features so I refused to let her use them in my blog…)

On our way I had to ask her several times “are we there yet?” – She kept answering me in a high pitched voice “jaaaa”, but I don´t think she really meant it – or maybe she didn´t understand my questions. Either way, after the inconsequential answers, I just kept my mouth shut and watched the road in stead.

Meow! Are we there yet?
Meowmy! I´m bored! Can we please go home?

Finally there… The vet was a nice woman, who let me explore the entire room. I sniffed the black tall table that they placed me on. (Why am I allowed on this table, but not the one at home?) They even gave me some weird treats to keep me there. The treats were not the same as the ones I get at home – so I sniffed them, but pawlitely refused to eat them. I let the vet weigh me – I am not fussy about my weight; which by the way was 3,5 kilograms! – and she also listened to my heart and squeezed my tummy ´til I had to let out some pawful air… It didn´t help that we had been in such a hurry to get to the vet, that meowmy only let me finish my meal, but forgot to let me take a trip to the bathroom… I have been well raised, though, so I kept it all in ´til we got home – and even forgot about it then.


I want to go down on the floor for once – there are so many exciting scents down there!
I was a brave cat and didn´t emit a sound – though my tail quivered! 

I was pawleased to get back into my cage. And quite tired after all the impressions, so I kept quiet all the way home. I have even started to use my cage as a bed after the visit to the vet. It is a cosy place to hide when I want to be left alone! 🙂


On Thursday I spent most of the day resting. You don´t know how exhausting it is to get your shot. Meowmy took me out in the garden for a sniff – I had to see if the neighbor cat had left me any messages. And, you know what? She keeps using hubro´s and husis´ sandbox as her own pawsome cat toilet! It smells interesting, but this is my territory – she just hasn´t understood it yet! I even got a glimpse of her when I was playing “king of the sill” inside – she pawtroled slowly and steadily over my lawn – MY lawn!



I can see you, though you try to hide behind the garbage cans! 

I´m hoping that one day I´ll be able to see who this interesting cat lady is, ´cause I
didn´t hiss or growl, I just kept swinging my tail curiously…


Oh.. One more thing before I go… I have (almost) learned how to get meowmy to hurry when we´re headed outside… I run to let her slip my harness on, and then I sit and wait by the door. But sometimes I get a bit restless, and try to rush her to put on her shoes…

Are you ready? I want to go outside now!


…. To Be Continued…


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