Quarreling with the neighbor


This week started out as blue as blue can be. Hubro´ had a cold, so he had to stay at home, and thus my walk with meowmy had to be postponed. I tried to kill time by playing “king of the sill” as I usually do when I´m bored at home – and all of a sudden the neighbor cat decided to pay me a visit. However, I don´t believe she knows that this is my land… she insisted that this place was hers quite loudly. Meowmy stayed by my side all the time and documented all the mischief that ms.Kitty tried to come up with. I do believe, though, that we became some sort of friends at the end of our dispute. She gave me some kitty pecks from a distance at the end. And when she was gone I had to go look for her. Hope she stops by again soon!

I dont like you – yet…

Luckily, I have a big brother that looks out for me. He built me a tent on the sofa – which I crept into and fell asleep almost at once.

My own safe cat cave! 

I will scratch down more about my adventurous trip to an exciting forest, with the purrfect climbing tree – in the pouring rain – very shortly! Stay tuned…




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