Drowned Cat

As promised, here is the pawst about my outdoor experiences so far.


Humom has finally found a place that is within short driving distance and far enough from the road for me to not get too spooked by all the noise. And I am slowly, but steadily,  also adapting to the car. When the travel cage is placed in the hall, I´m not far away – and I usually come running with a little ´mhrrm´ to sit firmly on top of the cage – before meowmy slips my harness on…

I am starting to enjoy the rides in the car ❤ 


This time we went to a place called “Trampen” – parked the car across a field from the scout´s cabin and set out for the fire camp as a first goal. Once there, meowmy found a smaller path for us to follow – all though we didn´t get very far before I had to pawlitely ask her to slow down, because I found the greatest tree ever! Not to mention all the puddles I had to paw through… I loved splashing around – as any other toddler would – though the wet, cold stuff clung to my fur forcing me to shake my paws every other step I took…

My coat all damp, my feet soaking wet… Can I hitch a ride with you now, meowmy?

We started out from the car as usual. Humom balanced me down into her backpack with my head popping out. (I need a bigger backpack – this is the second one I´ve outgrown in thus many weeks). I was so excited by all the new scents and sounds, my whole body shivered. I particularly find leaves shaking in the wind upsetting – and as we walked across the field and into the forest I spotted and heard them shaking violently ahead. Meowmy tried to convince me they bark worse than they bite, but I am yet to be persuaded, but as soon as we entered the forest all the scary leaves were forgotten as there was a little creek trickling close by…


The tree fulfilled all of my dreams and expectations! I hope to see it again!


It had been raining earlier that day, but when we set out the sun was shining and it seemed like the weather was changing to the better. Humom didn´t bring neither raincoat nor umbrella, and we were caught in the pawring rain not long after entering the interesting path… since I was already wet after splashing  in the many pawnds the rain didn´t bother me as much as meowmy´s panicky sprint to find shelter. (She picked me up and carried me – so it ended up in a bumpy ride for my sake…)

Tidying up my scruffy, wet coat! 

We found shelter outside the scout´s cabin and were weather bound for about 20 minutes before the sun guided us back to the car. Finally, back in the car I got to clean the wet, messy fur – and I had to meow to humom to make slow turns. It is impossible to straighten a scruffy coat on a bumpy, bendy road! When meowmy backed into the driveway back home, the sky opened up again, and we were stuck in the car only a few feet from the front door – in the pawring rain! Again! I just went to sleep – and slept on when we got back in as well.

Finally home! Meowmy´s lap is the perfect place to make my coat shiny!



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