Crazy cat (lady) and PeeWee toilet

You have all heard the expression crazy cat lady…

Well, today meowmy figured out why the ladies go crazy… I have been acting out like – well – crazy! This pawst was written a few days ago – but it took me this long to help meowmy write it – she keeps hitting the wrong keys and I have to help her correct the mistakes she makes.  (Btw I write on my own leisure and thus this is not a paid review of the product mentioned)

IMG_6962 IMG_6961

“You need a helping paw, meowmy… hmm… what´s that sound?…”

Dictation not available? What does that mean?


Ever since I moved in I have found that meowmy needs a lot of help in the house… so there´s no wonder that she and I go crazy from time to time…


I solemnly swear that I´m up to no good!

When meowmy and the others woke up this morning I had lots to meow to them. I told them about both this and that, but they didn´t understand so I had to play with their feet in stead – it ended up in me being shut in the bathroom for no apparent reason. 😾 At least, that´s my opinion… According to meowmy they don´t want me on top of the table while they´re having their delicious breakfast… She serves me my
breakfast at the same time, and I eat it gratefully – but I am usually finished by the time they get seated. And when I´m finished eating, playing with feet is on MY agenda.


After breakfast the kids were then sent to school, meowmy made herself a nice cup of warm coffee and I played in my cat tree – which has now been placed on the floor by the window. (This gives me a much better view than when the tree was in the back corner of the living room. And the mice hanging from the tree (why do they do that?) are much more tempting over by the window.) But as any other kid, I find my toys tedious after a little while and I need to tell meowmy that it is time to go outside. She doesn´t always understand this and I have to tell her time and time again ´til she finally takes out both my harness and my travel cage!

Today, when she played her little going-out-routine I came running at once, and she let me into the cage and carried me to the car. Safely aware of the adventures waiting ahead, I laid down at once, semi-closed my eyes and kept my mouth shut… Meowmy sent me some cat-smiles and I “smiled” back at her. I love driving together with meowmy! ❤

In the car, it took a bit longer than usual – cause meowmy had to fetch my new toilet and buy some wood pellets for the toilet. The smell was interesting and I sniffed the bag curiously when she placed it at the back together with my cage.

This looks dreamy and nice – too bad the noise from the road destroys the good view…

When we, finally, were finished with what needed to be done, it was time for what we wanted to do. Meowmy parked the car, came and put me in the backpack and we were ready to go! Unfortunately, she had chosen the “bad” forest close to the road and the noise from all the cars were both annoying and a bit intimidating… We found something that looked like a path and discovered a little creek with birds (!) chirping and flying in between! Still a bit scary, but also very exciting! So I played a bit in the creek and laid eyes on a small bird – but it flew before I got to decide wether or not to attack it…. Meowmy says I need to polish my hunting skills should I be able to catch a prey… I would love to bring her gifts so she would know how real meals should look like…

Where did the little birdy go, meowmy? I want to catch it!
I tried to listen for the birds, but the traffick kept disturbing me… 💔


Back home, meowmy prepared the new toilet – of which I understood nothing and went into my familiar (old) one… She has now placed some of my droppings in the new toilet hoping I will understand that this is my regular toilet from now on… 👍
After relieving myself in my familiar toilet, I discovered a mischievous fly flying around and nearly destroyed most of the living room trying to catch it… And when I couldn´t reach it up in the ceiling I even growled a bit at it… So, again, meowmy turned a bit crazy…

So, now meowmy is busy picking up the pieces of a trashed living room, while I get some well deserved shut-eye after an exhausting hunt (both in the forest and at home).
A long, but thorough explanation of the term crazy cat lady. Oh, and I forgot to mention – she tried to find me a life jacket since she wants to take me on a boat as well… Talk about crazy!

I´ll tell you more about how my toilet training is getting along once I´ve tried it a couple of times…

This smells funny… Interestingly funny… Not bad funny… I think I need to check it out more closely…


🐾    🐾     🐾


I have used the PeeWee pellets toilet all weekend. Well… meowmy didn´t leave me much choice as she took away the old one all together… So, I guess she wants me to use this one in stead. Ok, I don´t mind.  😺

Have a purrfect week furriends! You´ll hear from me soon!  🐾

This is from another trip – where I enjoyed myself immensely –  together with hubro as well as humom. Tell you all about it in another pawst! 🐾

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