Even cats need a holiday

It´s been two weeks since autumn break took it´s last breath. And it was so exciting that scratching down the events was not a priority. However, here´s a brief summary of how a nice autumn break can go down:

Day 1-5

The vacation involved a fair amount of hours driving as meowmy wanted me to meet my grandpawrents – and they even volunteered to babysit/ catsit me and my “siblings”. She said she needed time alone – though I don´t understand why anyone would want time away from me?


One of many sleeping spots on the trip.

The days at my grandpawrents house flew by and in no time the day of departure for the cabin up in the mountains were upon us! All though there was one trip worth mentioning before going up to the cabin. I got to be outside – in the dusk – for the very first time. It was both exciting and a bit intimidating – as all hikers learned “what the fox says” at the end of the trip. And as all kids I love splashing around in puddles – and there was this amazingly splashable puddle half way up the road.


At my grandpawrents I got my own one-room flat (aka the bathroom), where they offered an all-inclusive spa department. All though the sink did function more as a bed than anything else… The big, old house was a bit scary for a 4 month old to be venturing around all alone at night.

I fits. I sits. 🐾

Day 5-7

The days at the cabin flew by in the same rapid pace as the ones at my grandpawrents. And even though plans were made to take long walks in the forest – the most exciting part was the 500 meters between the cabin and the car… Maybe the fox had followed us? There was at least a dozen different scents to inhale, so meowmy picked me up and carried me more than once…

And you won´t believe just how many trees that can exist in one place! There was just too many to choose from – though the fun part was to reach the lowest branches. Hudad spoke of both firetrucks and ladders at one point – though there was nothing a little bag of treats couldn´t fix… 😺


Treats you say? Be right there!
This was purrfect bliss and the crisp mountain air kept me asleep most of the nights! 💖

I have even got my very special (royal) seating in the car. If the travel cage is placed in the “wrong direction” and my view is ruined the humans will hear of it until they turn me around. And with that there´s no problem spending the day driving – and 4-5 hours went by like nothing.

King of the Road

Back home again, and meowmy is packing to leave to go to a place where she can get better. And thus, I will be taking care of the other three in my house. So far, everything is going according to plan, and they are at their best behavior. How things will be in three weeks time is another story…

Until next time enjoy the view I had on my way home and the many sleeping spots I discovered!  🐾


🐾”The long and winding road…” 🐾

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