The History of Jenny and King Qvist

Once Upon a Time not so long ago, there lived a kitty named Jenny in a house not very different from yours. She was a brown mackerel kitty who loved to explore and had her very special place under the neighbor´s porch.


She enjoyed her lands alone until one day there was this rude, grey and white cat occupying the neighboring house. This was not something she was used to and she huffed and she puffed, hissed and wizzed – but the big grey and white kitty didn´t fear her relentless attacks. He just meowed curiously, but happened to arch his back when she attempted to attack him through the closed window…


She gave up – temporarily – no point in using up her strength on someone as silly as this guy! And she sat down on the porch watching him carefully.

This way three (or more) days passed. The same procedure happened, but for each encounter both kitties came to accept one another. And not long after, the King started to take charge of his territory. Accepting that it came with an occupant.


Winter went by, and after having numerous encounters where king Qvist was able to discover the outdoor life while being on leash, he showed himself worthy of approaching Jenny, and finally she accepted him and often came to visit and sit beside him outside the window – while he was taking a nap on the other side of it. ❤

Now the two of them have become bffs and even though Jenny is a year older (and most likely also wiser), it is Qvist who is the defender of the property. You see, they got a trespasser the other day and Jenny was nowhere to be seen, but Qvist stepped up to his task!

This fairyTAIL has only just begun, so it won´t end with “and they lived happily ever after” – because “ever after” has only just begun…

More about trespassing strangers in an upcoming post! 🙂


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