My Harness – the importance of a good harness

Since I started to show my IG- followers the fun adventures I go on with meowmy 1 of two questions have been ticking in on either DM or in comments: What kind of harness is it I’m using? (And how did I go about training to walk on a leash?)

Some of you have already tried the tiny, itchy and uncomfortable harnesses that the shops advertise as cat harnesses! And as me, figured out that those kind of harnesses make for a very awkward posture and give the feeling that it’s digging its way into your skin?

One criteria of mine when I chose my harness was that it had to be long enough over the back, so as not to squize my shoulder joints to much… And with all my fur I would want a harness that doesn’t mess it up too much.

The harness should also be easy to put on/ take off and fit snuggly which also includes the weight of the harness.

Well, why should a dog’s harness only be for dogs? Those harnesses are way more comfy so here are two of the ones that satisfies my criterias!

Puppia Harness

The first harness I tried was from a brand called Puppia, and for smaller cats this harness is purrfect I think.

You pull it over the kitty’s head and attach it with a clip around the belly. This way the kitty stays safe inside the harness.

Pros Puppia

  • It is soft and weighs little
  • Sits comfortably around the kitty’s body
  • Comes in many different colors
  • Easy to attach and open clip

Cons Puppia

  • Only suitable for kittens/ smaller cats (not a big mco)
  • The fabric going over the back is too short for larger cats, making the harness fit uncomfortably
  • The clip is fastened behind the shoulder joint if you loosen it all the way out – making this uncomfortable for larger cats

Puppia also have a harness vest, which I haven’t tried. Maybe this is better for larger cats?

Curli harness

This is the harness I’m using today. I am quite happy with it. It is fastened like a reversed life jacket with a velcour and a clip. I’ve used medium size for a few months now, so when meowmy got it for me it was still a bit big for me…

It is very important that the harness fits snuggly in order for your cat to move around as freely and comfortable as possible – and since I already was adjusted to wearing my puppia harness when I got my Curli, I didn’t try to escape out of the harness – although since it was a bit too big that could’ve happened…

So make sure you do the correct measurements before purchasing one. Or even better bring your kitty to the shop to try on. A really good shop shouldn’t mind at all – just make sure your kitty is up for the terrifying challenge of going to the shop… 😨

Pros Curli

• easy to put on

• closes nicely on top of the back

• soft harness – a bit sturdier than Puppia – makes for a good harness for larger breeds

• weighs little – but still more than puppia

Cons Curli

• the fit is a bit loose making it rub a bit behind the legs

• I sometimes get clumps behind the legs due to the rubbing of the harness

Both Puppia and Curli have measures that tell you which size could fit your cat. Use the charts on the dealers’ web site before ordering online.

Remember that walking a cat is nothing like walking a dog – though some cats do walk nicely beside you – most want to go where they decide… More times than not the cat ends up walking you… 😅

My next post will be about how you can teach your cat to walk on a leash.

Stay tuned!

And have a superb week!

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