How to walk on a leash

Now you´ve found the purrfect harness for leash walking, and hopefully you´ve managed to get fairly used to it as well?
Thus, it´s time to take this a step further and learn how to explore the outdoors on a leash. 🙂

To start out, there are many good tutorials online, and a search on youtube will give you a countless amount of videos to choose from – so my best suggestion is to have a look at a few of those, stack up on your kitty´s favorite treats and fill up your gauge with patience.  Some kitties learn fast and accept the harness/ leash right away, while others need more time – and some will just refuse to be “degraded” to a restraining leash…

Assuming you´ve now taught your kitty to accept and wear a harness these are the steps that meowmy and I used when learning to walk on a leash. (and according to meowmy I still haven´t mastered the skill purrfectly! – don´t understand what she means..)

Step 1.

Attach leash indoors.

  • this did NOT work for me at all, as the leash disturbed me and I didn´t understand what the fuzz was about…
  • Make sure to play with kitty to make them forget about the leash! (Same goes for the harness)

Step 2.

Attach leash outdoors

  • wearing harness and leash outdoors was the right way to go for us, as I am a curious cat and the scents, sounds and other animals (such as Jenny 😉 ) distracted me from both harness and leash.
  • We ventured only a few minutes at a time, and I always got treats when we got back in – before taking the harness/ leash off. And then again when she took them off.

– I know that most tutorials recommend that you try walking on a leash indoors before you go outside, and I would suggest you try that before you go outside too. But, most importantly know your kitty and it´s personality – then you´ll know more or less what´s right for you/ them.

Step 3.

Always start exploring in calm surroundings – preferably right outside you door.

Links to video tutorials!

Here are a few tutorials that might help you and your kitty to a good start:

1. This one explains how to go hiking

Hiking with poos

2. The Petvet (Mikkel Becker) explaining my statements above!

Harness & leash

These are just two videos in a jungle of many!

Meowmy also find tips and tricks by watching the cat whisperer Jackson Galaxy.

Now you are one step closer becoming an adventure kitty!

Here are some inspirational pics from wheb I just started adventuring! 🤩

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