Speleology aka Caving

Mother Nature showed us some love – a heart shaped stone! ❤

Speleology (/ˌspiːlɪˈɒlədʒi,ˌspɛlɪˈɒlədʒi/) is the scientific study of caves and other karst features, their make-up, structure, physical properties, history, life forms, and the processes by which they form (speleogenesis) and change over time (speleomorphology). The term speleology is also sometimes applied to the recreational activity of exploring caves, but this is more properly known as caving or potholing, or (not usually by participants) by the largely obsolete American term spelunking. Speleology and caving are often connected, as the physical skills required for in situ study are the same.


Yup! You understood correctly! Meowmy and I went caving the other day. Just learned a bunch of new words connected to that! And had to add a thorough explanation to the word ´speleology´. Quite a funny word.. it doesn´t even resemble the word ´cave´… (meowmy´s thoughts – not mine – as I don´t know many extravagant hooman words..)

“Me and my shadow” – King Qvist in a philosophic moment

Haven´t been exploring for a while, so this was a somewhat scary experience, but I am a tough king and after a little rest and a few bites of my favorite meal I was ready to explore some more!

Let´s rewind and start from the beginning:

Meowmy started the day by digging out our backpack again, and then placed my travel cage in the hallway! I knew immediately that something was amiss when she pulled out my harness and tried to put it on. (Ok, I see that I could´ve been a bit clearer – she didn´t try to wear my harness, but to put it on me… 😛 )  We came to an agreement at last, and with harness on I agreed to be placed in the travel cage. She packed some more stuff in the backpack, and we stumbled to the car.

I have always settled in when driving, and this time was no exception. Nothing interesting happened so let´s just fast forward to the interesting parts!

A tough guy just hanging out!

We had to walk about 1km to the cave – yes a real splendorous cave! But, I preferred to be carried as this was unknown – yet unconquered territory. When we arrived outside the cave opening I crawled out of the backpack (which meowmy had placed on the ground) and straight into the cave! This was too exciting to miss! (plus, there was this big water (ed. sea) not far from the entrance – and when you have to choose between two scary things… well… you choose the one less scary, don´t you?

The cave is an old mine where they used to extract feldspar – a mineral used to make porselen, ceramics and glass! Another 21 different minerals – in addition to feldspar – have also been discovered here! (Gruvene på Nordre Spro)

We spent some time inside the cave, but unfortunately there aren´t many pictures to share from inside as meowmy´s camera had some technical issues, as well as poor lighting… (if you want to see more of the inside of the cave you should head over to my instagram account and to my pinned highlights as there are some videos from inside the cave!)

After the speleology lesson with all the great scents, not to mention the pawtastic sound when meowmy sang (!), we sat down on the pearly white beach and watched the boats and sea gulls pass by. And after a small stroll along the rocks and some bravely postures on the rocky beach, I crawled deep into the backpack and figured that that was the safest place to be. I am a king, but kings are allowed to be spooked too!

Resting in the safety of my backpack!
The waves made a funny noise – had to check it out!
Hmm… Maybe, just maybe I´ll dare to do this again…

On our way back to the car, we met an eager dog that loved to chase cats – luckily the owner put his leash on quite fast – though I don´t understand why dogs are allowed to walk without leash… but that´s a whole other discussion…

Meeting the dog when walking back to the car – and also seeing another car tipped my scale and when I got back into my cage in the car I panted a bit… and when meowmy started driving I fell asleep right away!

This was one of the most excitingly scary trips I´ve done so far! Meowmy says that we´ll do it again… I´m gonna be way braver next time! I know it! 😀

Some hug trees – I hug rocks!

A short film from the hike to the cave! See instagram @king_qvist for more pics inside the cave the next few days!


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