Happy Birthday to me

… and Norway too, offcourse! 🇳🇴

And there I thought everypawdy was celebrating me the 17th of May?

Though I believe the cake was well passed it’s experation date… ⬇️


My birthday poem


The 17th of May

the whole family huzzled about

They decked the table and dressed up

To go out


They filled my bowls and water fountain


Hugged me carefully and whispered

I love you


They opened the door after I asked them


Or, after giving my commands, to put it more



Jenny joined me and we pawtroled

The grounds

She caught me my birthday present 🐀

While I chased some hounds

🐕 🐩

They looked like trouble and were

Surely up to no good

So Jenny thanked me for

Watching the neighborhood


Then we simply rested in the shade

’til meowmy shouted dinner’s ready and



We crawled beneath fences and crossed

The lawn

After eating I was certain I would sleep

Until dawn


Before I headed to bed

Meowmy kissed me

And said

With the softest voice I ever knew

Good night my dear Qvist

Happy birthday to you





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