Hot cat on a tin roof..

That´s how I feel these days… I´m always on the hunt for the next spot of shade – almost wrote “shady spot”, but that might be misinterpreted…

Meowmy told me the other day that the radio said that Norway hasn´t experienced this kind of heat since 1937! Not that I really care – cause that´s like a long time ago… but you might be interested in it?

Meowmy and I also learned that cats lick themselves more often when it´s warm out because the saliva makes our fur wet, which again helps us cool down! That´s pretty pawesome, don´t you think?

And it´s also important that we have access to fresh water EVERYWHERE 😉 – and shade. Lots and lots of “shady places” – preferably with a good overlook of our kingdom!

Kitties are originally desert creatures, so we can withstand a fair amount of heat – but generally we do as almost everyone does when the weather gets warm. We lie down, stretch out and sleep it off… preferably with a good spot in the shadows! What we do need help with is remembering to drink! Cats don´t feel thirst the way you hoomans (or our nemesises the dogs) do… so in order to encourage us to drink, it is important that we have easy access to fresh water all the time.

This is especially important on hot days! If we start panting we need help to cool off, ´cause then we´re both stressed out and way too hot! (and it usually doesn´t help to place a bowl of water in front of us…) Help us find a cool place to lie down, and also sprinkle our fur with some water. (We might not like the sprinkling part, but we love to get cooler…😅)

A stressed (panting) cat that is about to cool down will start licking itself around the mouth, and also perhaps yawn a few times. Make sure there´s fresh water near by so we drink as soon as possible after we´ve calmed down! And pay close attention to our general state…

Do I have to mention that being locked up inside a car on a hot summerday is a bad idea? This goes for both dogs and cats – not to mention small hooman babies too! (And opening the windows doesn’t help at all!)

And why do we have fur exactly? Do you think it´s a good idea to strip us down when the sun gets too bright? (The so called lion cut) Or do you think we need our fur for isolation?

The fur helps us to keep warm in the winter and to cool down in the summer! It´s pretty pawesome that way. Now, I heard a little bird whisper that meowmy is taking me to get a haircut, but she´s reassured me that I´m not going to loose all my fur – I only need help tidying up the mess on my back legs… matted fur does not only hurt, but it also makes for poor isolation against both heat and cold.

So, take care! Stay cool! I hope you´re having a wonderful summer day wherever you are!

-King Qvist 👑 –

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