Fun Facts

  1. I like to sleep under the stairs
  2. I am not picky about what I eat – as long as it´s not hooman food! (How on earth hoomans can eat that 💩 is beyond my comprehension!)
  3. I know how to ask nicely for food or for meowmy to open the door for me.
  4. I am a purring machine, but I prefurr to cuddle just for a bit, and then find a solitary place to sleep.
  5. I don´t like to be brushed between my back legs (yikes! Who likes that?!)
  6. My bff is the neighbor cat Jenny. She´s about a year older than me, but I´m twice the size of her!
  7. I like to chase (and eat) bugs, especially butterflies, but not spiders. They tend to bite back, and I´m not too keen on that!
  8. Meowmy takes me on hikes, but nowadays I´m more content being at home (with Jenny).
  9. I have  a sensitive stomach, but this has become better with the right food! 🙂
  10. Meowmy and I have deep conversations all the time. Though I´m not 100% sure that she understands what I mean…


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