My Everyday Poem

It´s 7am and the alarm awakens the house
I wake from my dream where I´m chasing a mouse

I miaow loudly to let them know
that the two-legged creatures should fill up my bowl

They pop into the bathroom, then shut the door
I miaow even louder to let them be sure…

that I am as hungry as hungry can be
“Miaaooooow!” I shout loudly
You ought to feed me!

Then after breaky, wash-up and cuddles
I´d love to go out to play in the puddles

Meowmy sighs softly and says
My dear Qvist
the sun is out
there´s not even a mist…

So I sneek
into the neighbors´ garden and shed
to find my solitary toilet and bed

I play with Jenny
and with butterflies also

Playin’ tag is such a drag!

Then meowmy decides to bathe
my sweet torso

I chill in the bath
enjoy the hairdryer too

then that day is over
and it all starts anew


      • Omg….I love your poem!! You and Meowmy are quite the pair..❤️❤️.. give Jenny a big head butt for me…and a big kiss to you Qvist 😘… love you


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