A King’s Buffet – you are what you eat! (Advertisement for/sponsored by Hills)

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Trial and Fail…

Ok, so this post will be about my diet. And as a king – and a cat – the correct diet should not be left to chance… And even if you´re not king, as I am, I do think that you have the same rights as me to eat as well as I do!

A well fed king is a happy king 👑[[[[[[[[[[
Finding the correct food have proved to be of some difficulty… Last fall – just before what you hoomans refer to as x-mas – I started experiencing loose and smelly stools – I even had to flee the scene of crime after having been to the private room… This is something I don´t admit to publicly – and won´t speak of ever again… Meowmy thought this could have something to do with my diet, so she started to test out different types of food with me.

After having tested out several types of grain free brands (with little or no success), meowmy took me to see the vet to make sure that there wasn´t anything else bothering my intestines… The vet thought I was a fine specimen of the species – of course she did – and squeezed me and weighed me. There was nothing wrong with neither weight nor my general health. I had a good appetite and drank well (not too much either), but still struggled with a sensitive stomach.

Finding Hills i/d Digestive Care

Meowmy was recommended to let me try (advertisement link) Hills i/d Digestive Care, and that really worked for me!
Not to mention that I´m quite picky about what I eat (when it comes to food) and this was so tasty! I tried both their dry food and wet food (both from a can and a bag), and nothing makes me ask more politely than Hills i/d Digestive Care! (You should head over to my insta profile to see how pawlite I am😅)

My stools are now how they´re supposed to be, meowmy is happy that she doesn´t die every time I´ve done #2 – and I don´t flee the scene of the crime anymore!!

I just love my Hills diet! ❤️👑❤️👑

NB! Consult your vet

Hills i/d is a veterinary food, which means that it´s only found at certain retailers – usually your vet´s office/shop. And of course at (advertisementlink) Hills´web-page! They have several types of adapted food for both cats and dogs with certain needs.

If you think that your kitty/dog needs a more special diet, this could be the type of food you´re looking for! Just make sure to consult with your veterinarian to be certain that there isn´t something else bothering your precious furry one before changing their food.

If you have any questions or think that this might be a solution for your kitty, you can also contact Hills on facebook (advertisement link) here.

Thank you Hills! You´ve given me a brand new life! 😁

Yours Sincerely

-King Qvist 👑-

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