Not All that Wander are lost (sponsored)

The gps is cleverly hidden by my fur…

A life indoors?

When I moved in with meowmy and the other two-legged creatures, there was this whole big world outside that I couldn´t reach. They hurried and closed the doors when they came back from wherever they´d been, and they´d even put up doors with small holes in them to lock me out – or in – depending on which door I´m talking about…

There´s one door keeping me from entering the bed room area. And there´s another one keeping the outside world away from me…

After having sniffed about walking on a leash, I was soon ready to explore more – and on my own! But meowmy wasn´t ready to let me go entirely. So we made a compromise. She could put a gps on me – and I could go outside and explore the perimeters on my own.


Small and discrete

Upon writing this review, meowmy and I have been using the Minifinder Atto for about 2 months!

Small and descrete ❤️[[[[[[[[[[
Well… I don´t really know what that thing is – and frankly I couldn´t care less – which meowmy thinks is a good idea, ´cause then I´ll just leave it alone. It´s a small device strapped to my collar (that self releases btw if I get stuck). Meowmy takes it off when I´m inside so I don´t have to wear it all the time – so when she does put it on me, I know it´s time to go outside!

I love it. And I think meowmy loves it too! And the weird part is… she seems to know exactly where I am at all times! And with me being curious and checking out what the neighbors have for dinner, that is an annoying trait… (I think she finds it useful though)!

An overview of my last 3 hours! ❤️

The small device weighs only 38g and is one of the smallest gps´s on the market! The retailer says this about MiniFinder Atto:

MiniFinder® Atto is one of the world’s smallest pet GPS tracking devices on the market. It is waterproof, small, and lightweight. The size of Atto is only 61 x 35 x 16 mm and it weighs as little as 38 g.

The distinctive feature of the device, in addition to design and size, is the battery life. In the standby mode, the device can last up to 20 days. Atto is the only unit of this size on the market can achieve this.

– the battery life does not last more than a day or two, but this should improve in newer versions! 👍🏻

Be found

Atto Minifinder has a build in sim-card. And meowmy has found the device to be very accurate compared to other products we have tried. This is one of the features we appreciate the most about the tracker – as it is very frustrating to be looking for something lost in the wrong place…

And now – I won´t ever be lost again! (as long as my collar doesn´t get stuck; which then it´ll self-release!)

Thank you MiniFinder® for letting me test your gps!

Pro´s and Con´s


  • small device
  • light weight
  • built in sim-card (for Real Time location)
  • two-way communication (for locating pet, commands or communication with rescuers)
  • very good and correct hybrid map (meowmy really loves this function)
  • accurate app
  • VERY GOOD customer service

  • battery needs charging more often than stated
  • no on/off button to save battery life (this issue is being dealt with, and newer versions will have an on/off button)
  • some minor start-up issues (which was solved elegantly by customer service 🙂 )
  • cat collar from retailer does not self-release
  • had to invent a way to attach the device to a self-release collar

– all though the negative list seems to be longer than the positive, the positive by far weighs out the negative. Meowmy and I would highly recommend all that are considering a way of monitoring your pets to buy one from MiniFinder.

P.S: – keep in mind that kittens until the age of 1 does not have a good sense of directions, which means that they easily get lost. Therefore they should not go outside unsupervised before that time! Attaching a gps on the kitty does not mean it´s supervised…

PPS: – pawlease let your kitty have some time without the collar/gps too – it´s only for our safety outdoors. Take it off when we´re indoors!

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